How to Do Underwater Fashion Photography

Underwater fashion can make for interesting photo shoots, though the right shot can be difficult to capture. Not only does the model appear differently in the photos, the apparel and lighting may be hard to control. Below are some tips that may help you get better underwater fashion photography portraits.

Choose the Right Model

You will want someone who is very tone and fit and looks good in the water. The tighter the muscles, the less fat there is to float in the water. Also, choose a model who does not need very much makeup. It is very costly to get the right makeup for underwater photography. Within seconds, traditional makeup slides off of the face, leaving the model to look as if they never had the makeup on.

Choose the Right Camera

Although this may seem like common sense, not all cameras are meant to go into the water. The casing that you put your camera in must provide a watertight seal in order to keep out any moisture. Not only will water ruin the camera, any moisture that gets inside of the casing can make for foggy shots and wastes of both time and money. It is a smart idea to put the camera in the casing and do a test run in your sink for a few seconds. If you see any air bubbles coming from the casing, take the camera out of the water immediately.

Learn to Hold the Camera

Underwater photography is much trickier than on land. Not only must you concentrate on the model that you are shooting, you must learn how to hold the camera in order to get a stable shot. Do not shoot with one hand. This will not allow you the stability that you have with two hands. One way to hold the camera is to place the camera in the palm of your left hand. Balance the camera with your right hand. Keep your upper arms close to your body so that they will not float freely. Use your right hand to carefully operate the shutter lever. When you shoot, try to exhale. If you breathe in while shooting, you can disrupt your neutral buoyancy and float upwards in the water.

Get Close

While you may think that you are close to your subject in the water, it may be deceiving. The closer you are to your subject, the better able you are to show off the fashion. Remember, this is the true reason for your photo shoot. Attempt to concentrate on the details of the fashion, be it a necklace, jacket or dress. The model is simply an place for the clothing to rest.

Be Patient

Fashion photography is not a race. Sometimes, it may take you hours to get the right shot. Although this may be frustrating, this is necessary for practice and the respect of your models. If you show then that you are getting frustrated, they will begin to produce portraits that are less than appealing. With much practice, you will become more skilled in the art of fashion photography.

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