Headshot Photography: Do's and Don’ts

Headshot photography involves using a person’s face as the focus of the photograph. It is used in a wide range of industries from the formal corporate setting to the more creative entertainment field. The following are a few tips for people who want to have their headshots taken.

1. Do Inform the Photographer of the Look You Want

Discuss what the headshot is for and what the target look is prior to the scheduled shoot. A corporate headshot will look different from one which is used for acting auditions. Present sample photographs of the target look. The intended look can also affect the background and the suggested clothing during the shoot. If there are any questions or doubts, this would be the best time to ask the photographer.

2. Do Wear Comfortable Clothing

Headshots only include the head and shoulders. As such, the individual will only need to bring tops. Carry extra changes of clothing to experiment with. Wear a blazer or a dark suit for formal headshots. A v-neck blouse or a collared shirt is for a more casual look. Experiment with which top works best with the background. Avoid wearing oversized jewelry or heavy makeup as this can detract the viewer’s focus. In the case of makeup, too much can also give a false representation of the person being photographed.

3. Don't Be Self Conscious

Relax and be yourself. Do not try to pose too stiffly as this will give the impression of being rigid. The whole shoot will only take a few minutes so make each shot count.