HDR Software: Making Surreal Photography

There are many pieces of HDR software which can be used to create high quality photos that you will be proud of. A HDR Photo contains more detail than most digital photos. These are normally made by combining three separate photos to create one image. Each of the photos should be taken with a different exposure, which will give the photo much more contrast.

HDR Darkroom is one piece of software which makes this possible. It makes it easy to choose between natural or surreal photos. This ensures that all of the detail in the scene is captured on film forever.

Taking Photos

You will need to take the photos before you can convert them into a HDR photo. You need three separate photos, which each have a different exposure. The easiest way of doing this is to set your camera to different exposures and take a photo. This isn't always possible though.

If you are taking photos of moving subjects, such as people or cars, then this will be impossible. Instead, you can capture your photographs in RAW format and then use HDR darkroom to create three photos which are all exposed differently. HDR Darkroom features a reliable converter, which makes converting RAW images very reliable.


The beauty of HDR Darkroom is that it works very quickly and can be ran on windows or Mac computers. This software can handle even large images with ease and has an easy interface.


HDR Darkroom also offers automated batch processing features. This allows you to load many photos at the same time and leave them to process automatically while you are not using the computer.