HDR Photography Usage with People

HDR Photography adds extra detail to your digital photographs. These photos are made by combining three differently exposed photographs to add more contrast. The resulting photograph will have much more detail and look different. These photos can either be used to create a natural looking photo, where everything can be seen, or a artificial looking photo.

The normal method of taking HDR photos is to take three different photos of exactly the same scene. Every photo should be set with a different exposure setting. When combined, these will give you a vibrant and detailed image.

Photographing People

The problem with the normal method is that people move. In order for HDR Photography to work, you must take three shots of the same photo. This is a major issue when working with people. Capturing three shots exactly the same when someone is walking is impossible. Even trying to take a photo of someone standing still is unlikely to be exactly the same.

RAW Image

The trick is to photograph the people using a camera which supports a RAW format. This contains all the information that is needed to create the three separate shots. Most digital SLR cameras support this format. When you have your RAW image, it can be loaded into PhotoMatix or Photoshop to create the different exposures which are required.

Tools like PhotoMatix can also do the whole job for you. With this software, it's possible to simply import the RAW image and then create a HDR image.

Creating HDR Photographs

Once you have your three source files, you then need to open them in PhotoMatix or another tool that you want to use. Select the HDRI menu and then click on Generate HDR. This will create your HDR photo, but it will still need some work.

The tone mapping features in PhotoMatix can then be used to correct the photo to make it look better. These will deal with any problems with under or over exposure.