HDR Darkroom: Working with a Single Image

It's possible to use HDR Darkroom with a single image to create a HDR photograph. HDR photographs contain more detail than a regular digital photograph. These are normally made by combining three images together, however, HDR Darkroom makes it easy to use just one.

Step 1: Opening HDR Darkroom

The first thing that you should do is open HDR Darkroom by either double clicking the icon on the desktop or alternatively selecting it from the start menu. This will load the application and cause the darkroom window to be displayed.

Step 2: Opening File

Now you need to open the file, click on File, and then select Open Single File. Then, browse and find the RAW file that you wish to use. HDR Darkroom then analyses the photograph and will use a tone mapping engine to create different versions of the same image.

Step 3: Viewing the Image

Once you have completed this, the new HDR image will be displayed. It probably isn't perfect at this point so don't worry.

Step 4: Tone Mapping

Once you have completed the image, you should then perform tone mapping. To do this, click on Process and then click on Tone Mapping. This will open the Tone mapping preview window. The Local Tone Balancer will be able to balance tones so that no areas in your photo are over- or under-exposed.

Step 5: Batch Processing

If you have many different Raw files that you want to convert into HDR images, then there is a batch processing engine. This works very quickly, although you will still need to review the photos manually and check that they are all ok.