Guide to Stitched Panoramic Landscape Photography

Panoramic landscape photography gives you breath taking views, a result of wide angle lens being used. Photographers generally take consecutive pictures of a particular view and then stitch those together, with the help of software, to get a panoramic view. While it is not an easy task, a few tips can definitely help.

Location and Time

You need to select the location based on the views and scenery. The time at which you will take the picture is important, as the quality of the photograph depends on that of the light. For example, if it is too bright or sunny, the landscape will look very dull and drab. Therefore, you may get better pictures during the times of sunrise and sunset. Many times, photographs taken on a moderately cloudy day turn out better than the ones taken on sunny days.

Hand Held or Mounted Camera

Holding the camera in hand is always a better option if you have a steady hand. A tripod with a panning head is also a great option, as the possibility of getting slightly shifted pictures can be avoided.

Focal Length and the FOV

Focal length helps you to set the field of view, or the FOV, as per your liking. You can either choose to use a short focal length, with fewer snaps, or the longer one with more snap shots. The former gives you more distortions to deal with as compared to the latter one when it comes to stitching the photographs together.