Great Poses for Surf Photos

When you think of great poses for surf photos, you think of guys on their surfboards on the water. Here are some other poses to consider in order to capture the perfect surfing photo.

Next to the Board

This is an ideal pose to show off your body and your board. You can hold the board with one hand and stand just next to it. The photo looks more natural if you are just out of water.

In Front of the Board

This is another all-time favourite surf pose. You can use the board as background item and stand in front of it. Try to wear a bright color swim suit to get a brighter look in the picture.

In the Water

Get on the board and surd on low tide so that the photographer can take a good and stable photograph.

During High Tide

If you are a good and experienced surfer, then you can pose surfing on a high tide. Here in, pose in a way as if you are standing straight on the high tide water.