Finding Good Fashion Photography Backdrops

There are few things that affect a portrait more than the photography backdrops. While it may seem impossible to find the perfect backdrop, the tips listed below may help you choose the proper backdrop for your photo.

Avoid Patterns

You want the subject, along with the clothing in the portrait to stand out. If you mix a busy background with a busy fashion pattern, they will both wash each other out. If you do want to use a pattern for a background, assure yourself that the fashion or accessories being used in the portrait are simple and of a solid pattern. Avoid using a striped background if the fashion is checkered.

Visit Mass Merchandisers

These types of stores have thousands of cloths available for you at a very reasonable price. You can mix and match your ideas in order to create the perfect backdrop. Even if you choose a cloth that you feel does not work, you can either save it for another shoot or throw it away. You may have only spend a few dollars on the few yards of cloth so you should not feel as guilty for throwing away a cheap cloth than that of a more expensive material. Take portraits from other magazines in order to give you an idea for what you like.

Get Inspiration

Look through other magazines and books in order to get more ideas. In order to save costs, you may also visit a local library or store to scan through the magazines available. If you are allowed, go to other photo shoots and observe other photographers ideas for backdrops.

Swap Ideas

Find a close friend in the business. If you are willing to bounce your ideas off of them, they may be able to do the same for you. Other than ideas, you may be able to swap backdrops for a short period of time. As you build up more of an inventory, your friends and colleagues will be more willing to swap due to the vast amount of backdrops that you have attained.

Choose the Right Backdrops

Choose vinyl backdrops for in-studio shoots. Mount the vinyl on your wall to create a seamless, smooth backdrop. Vinyl backdrops are easy to clean and long lasting. Select collapsible backdrops for shooting on location. Collapsible backdrops are much easier to transport. Choose canvas backdrops for a variety of poses in the studio. Hang the canvases from a roller system if you have one, otherwise purchase a backdrop stand from your local photography store. You can use canvas backdrops for close-ups and three-quarter shots, but nothing that displays the full body. The quality of your backdrops will depend on the amount of money that you are willing to pay.

Go Natural

Sometimes, the best backdrops are those made of nature. If you are shooting a scene that is earthy, it is best to go the natural route and shoot outside. It will be very easy for the viewer of the portrait to see that the nature is fake. The natural sunlight may also help add an element of calm and serenity to your shoots.

These are just some of the ideas for choosing a great backdrop. Experiment with different options and you are sure to find the right backdrop for your scene.

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