Filming a Wedding? Four Places To Get Inspiration

Filming a wedding is a huge honor. After all, your being trusted with immortalizing what is going to be one of the biggest days in two peoples lives. If this is your first time shooting one then you might be a little unsure of how you should do it. If that's the case then here are four places to get inspiration.

1. Watch Other Videos

When it comes to any video project, the best way to get inspiration is to watch other things similar to yours. In this case it's wedding videos. They're fairly easy to get your hands on. Most people married after 1990 have one. Ask someone you know if you could borrow theirs. 

When watching the video take lots of notes on the overall structure, things you particularly liked (interviews with nephews and nieces?), and shots that really stuck out to you. Paying attention to what you don't like is just as important too. Maybe you thought there were too many effects, too much time spent on stuff that didn't matter, not enough time spent on things that do. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a crash course in the wedding video so take your time and learn as much as you can.

2. The Internet

Type 'wedding video' into your internet search engine and hundreds of great results will appear. You'll be able to see what top notch wedding photography companies offer in their video as well as customer reviews. Customer reviews are very important to read because you'll be able to gage an overall sense of what people like and don't like. Maybe you'll hear a story about something really tacky one videographer did. Learn from other people's mistakes.

You'll also be able to read about good things videographers did do and will be able to find some unique ideas that you would have never thought of on your own. There's so much great material on the internet to look at.

3. Talk With the Bride and Groom

Try to sit down with the bride and groom a couple weeks before the wedding to see if there is anything specific they want in the video. Understanding their ideas towards the video will help you deliver a better product to them.

4. Visit the Locations

Take a couple hours out of your day a week before the wedding and visit the places where the ceremony and reception will be. Weddings bring these places decent money so they should be very friendly and open to letting you take a look around. You'll be able to see what lighting challenges you may face. You'll also be able to visualize what spots will give you the best shots on the day. It's always best to approach a shoot prepared.

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