Enhancing Underwater Photography with an HDR Effect

Underwater photography can be a challenge at times. This is because you will need specialist equipment. Digital photography doesn't only make underwater photography easier, but it also makes different techniques possible. It's possible to use PhotoMatix and Photoshop to create HDR Images.

A HDR image contains much more detail than a regular digital photograph. These are made by combining three different photos. Each photo should have a different exposure, which gives the photo plenty of detail.

Capturing Source Photos

The first thing that you should do is capture the three source photographs needed to make your HDR photo. If you are photographing underwater seascapes, then you can take three photos by adjusting the exposure on your camera. However, if you are photographing fish or other marine wildlife, then this will not be possible.

To make this easier, you can capture one file in RAW format and then use photoshop to change the exposure and save three files. While the results aren't normally quite as good, it does work well enough for most photos.

Using PhotoMatix

Now you need to open photomatix and load all of your photos. Then, click the HDRI menu and select "Generate HDR". Select the option to use the open files. This will magically create your HDR image in all its glory. The image will instantly look different, although it's not perfect.

In order to make it better, you will need to apply the Tone mapping feature. This will help to even up the tones and control the exposure throughout the picture. The Luminosity can be used to adjust the shadows in the picture. Color Saturation can be used to remove color tints from the photos if needed.