Enhancing Paranormal Photography with an HDR Effect

Creating Paranormal photographs is possible by using HDR Photography. HDR combines three separate photographs of different exposures. It is possible to fake HDR effects from one photograph. This is one of the easiest ways of creating Paranormal photographs from a single photo.

You can create these dreamlike effects to scary pictures to make them more emotive. This effect is very easy to apply when using Photoshop. Similar effects can also be applied using other pieces of software.

Step 1: Loading Your Photo

The first thing that you need to do is open Photoshop and load your photo. To do this, select it from the start menu. When it has loaded, click File, Open and Browse to find the photo that you want to make look more paranormal.

Step 2: Touching up the Photo

When you take a look at the photo, you might discover that you need to do some touch-ups first. You can adjust the exposure here if needed to touch it up.

Step 3: Applying HDR Toning

Display the Layers panel and create a new layer from the background. Then, convert this to a smart object; this will make it possible to duplicate and change the look of the layers. This is because HDRtoning cannot be applied unless the levels are flattened.

Double click the Smart Object to select it and click ok. This will present you with a flattened image. Click on Image, Adjustments and select HDR Toning. This will tell you that it will flatten your image. Choose one of the presets. The surrealistic preset is one of the best for paranormal photos.

Click ok and wait for the photo to be created. This may take a long time, depending on how much memory you have available. Save the image and close it to return to your original layers. This will display both versions in separate layers; move the HDR tone version to the top. Change the blending mode to overlay.

Step 4: Applying a Blur

Now apply a Gaussian blur by clicking on Filter, Blur and Gaussian blur. Adjust the slider and this will update the preview. Set this so that the effect is noticeable and makes it look slightly surreal.