Enhancing a Wedding Picture with an HDR Effect

Setting up to take a wedding picture can be very stressful. There are many different techniques which can be used to create interesting pictures which will make your clients happy. One method is using HDR Photos. A HDR Photo is a special type of photograph which combines three different photos of different exposures.

Step 1: Getting the Source Photos

The first step is to get your source photos. You need three photos set at different exposures. One method of doing this is to take three separate photos with different settings. However, this is very difficult when dealing with people; one movement could spoil the whole effect.

The best way to do this is to take the photo with a professional camera which records in a RAW format. Then, the photo can be imported into Photoshop or another RAW Editor. Adjust the exposure level and save three separate photos from your one RAW file.

Step 2: Importing Images

When you have your source files, they can then be imported into Photomatix. When they are loaded, you can select the HDRI menu and then choose Generate HDR. Select the use the photos which are already open.

Step 3: Touching up the Image

The image won't look quite right because parts of it will be under or over exposed. To make this look better, you will need to use the tone mapping feature. Click on HDRI menu and then open Tone Mapping. Adjust the settings until you get the very best HDR photograph.