DVD Studio Pro: How To Create Multiple Subtitle Tracks to Play Together

Creating multiple subtitle tracks to play together in DVD Studio Pro is not difficult. DVD Studio Pro is used to create a full-featured DVD and it contains an encoding application. This PC- based application comes from Apple and is considered more affordable and practical than other authoring DVD applications. DVD Studio Pro provides control over several features of DVD specification. One of these features is track assets. DVDs can have up to ninety-nine tracks. Each track can contain nine video streams, eight audio streams and ninety-nine chapter markers.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro

Step 1: Adding One Long Track or Multiple Tracks                     

Depending on how you want your project to turn out, you can either have one long track or divide your material into multiple tracks. You can divide the material into tracks to be linked together or played separately. If you are going to work on project that is long and you think your viewers will watch the entire DVD in one sitting, then one long track is probably your best option. On the other hand, you can create separate tracks for each segment if you would like to have pauses when the DVD player jumps from one track to another.

Step 2: Create Subtitle Streams

You can create subtitles in Track Editor, or you can import them from other applications. After you have selected the track where the subtitle is going, you can then create the subtitle. You must remember that you have to create the subtitle in a subtitle stream. Place the subtitle stream in the appropriate time position where the subtitle clip should appear. The track's playhead needs to be positioned where the clip should appear. You can click the viewer to make sure the video frame corresponds to the start of the subtitle. If you want to change the subtitle's timeframe, you can either drag it to a new position or enter a new start time in the General tab.

Step 3: Select Subtitle Clips

Once you have formatted the subtitle text, set the subtitle font and set the subtitle color, you can simulate subtitles by using Simulator in the toolbar and/or by using a shortcut menu in the Outline and Graphical tabs. It is easier to start the Simulator at the current track if you have not configured the project to use the First Play setting. Once you have created a few multiple subtitle clips, you can select one using a few different methods. As stated above, you can choose to play multiple subtitle tracks together. By linking the multiple subtitles, the tracks can play together as well as one by one. This process requires a little time to get everything configured as needed to reach the outcome you are looking for in your video. Make sure you follow all instructions, and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can create.  

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