Differential Focus Photography at Weddings

Differential Focus is a photography technique that takes advantage of using depth of field to create layers within an image. It also helps give 2D images a 3D perspective because the focus layers express the distances within the frame. This photography technique is especially useful in wedding photography because it can be used to direct the viewers attention to the bride and groom.

Directing the Attention

A wedding is all about the bride and groom. They are the stars of the day and nearly every photo should feature them as the dominent subject. Differential focus can help you achieve that. Taking advantage of this technique can put the newly weds in sharp focus while the background is blurred. It's a creative way to direct a viewer's attention within your frame.

This technique can also be used for close ups as well. You can use the technique to direct attention to details like rings or a bouquet of flowers. And, of course, there is no written rule that the bride and groom always need to be in focus. You can have a small object in the foreground of your frame in focus, with a dominent bride and groom out of focus in the background. This is art so be creative.