Differences between Film and Digital Landscape Photography

Digital landscape photography is still in its early stages when compared to film based landscape photography, which has had more than 100 years of refinement. The primary difference is in the kind of equipment being used.

The Sensor

This is the biggest difference between digital and film based landscape photography. A film camera uses light sensitive film, while digital uses a CCD that is backed by a number of pixels. Thus, the depth of field for digital cameras is infinite and they cannot create blurred backgrounds. These backgrounds are of importance in landscape photography.

The Cost

Digital landscape photography costs almost nothing barring the cost of equipment. Discarding photos is also costless, where film based photography costs money every time you buy a roll, develop and print a picture.

Changing Conditions

Each roll of film is designed for specific lighting conditions. A mistake here has the potential to ruin your pictures and throw money down the drain. This is not a problem with digital cameras.


Digital pictures never lose their quality, where prints do. You can always get a cheap photo quality printout if you use digital, which saves money.