Creating Natural Light in a Studio

Taking photographs with natural light can produce photos of a high quality that studio lighting just cannot produce. Often in the studio, it is not always possible to have a window that can be used for natural lighting. If you are looking for natural light but do not have a window available, you can create natural lighting in your studio.

Sky Lights

One option would be to install sky lights into the ceiling of the studio. If you install a sky light, ideally it should have northern exposure and have a window midway between the floor and ceiling. The installation of a sky light can be quite costly and is not always possible, for example, if your studio is in the basement of your home.


One of the keys to creating natural light in the studio is by the use of reflectors. By using reflectors and umbrellas, it is possible to bounce the light and mimic natural light. Using items such as a white sheet, poster board or even Styrofoam will help soften the shadows.


Keep in mind that all of the surfaces will either reflect or absorb light.  By painting the whole room white, including the floor, the light will bounce around the room giving a more even tone to your photos and softening the light in a way that will mimic natural light.


If you learn to control the flash on your camera, it will become a great resource for you. If you use it properly, it can fill in shadows and soften the subject of your photos. Learn to bounce it off of surfaces. Often, if you think you do not need the flash, if you use it at those moments, it will be perfect for additional fill.