Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro: Making a Panorama Image

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro is a very useful photo editing application which can be used to create many effects. The software makes it very easy to create Panoramic photographs. A panoramic photo is where many images are stitched together to create a wider image than you could normally capture.

Step 1: Taking the Photo

The first thing to do is start taking your photos. You should ideally use a tripod to make sure that they are all taken at the same level. If your camera has a panoramic mode, then turn this on to ensure the photos overlap sufficiently. If not, try to overlap the images by around a third. This will ensure that the software can stitch them together properly. Make sure that the Focus and Exposure settings are locked to prevent any changes.

Step 2: Importing Photos

Import the photos to your computer and load them into your media gallery. This can be any number of photos.

Step 3: Starting a New Project

Now click file, New and select a canvas which is big enough for your image. Select a panoramic canvas and then open each image. Copy the photos and paste them into new layers. The individual photos can then be close, as these are not used.

Step 4: Moving Images

Move the images by clicking on them and dragging on them. Make sure that they are in the right order. Now you need to manually overlap the images until they look correct.

Adjust the opacity so that you can see the image below. This will make it easier to line the photos up.

Step 5: Touching Up

Now you should have a photo which looks pretty good. Use the cropping tool to make the photo the right size.

There may be some lines in the photos where the photos overlap. To remove these, use the eraser tool with the opacity set to around 50%. Then, erase the top layer. This will blend the two layers together and should make it look much more natural.