Can You Cross Process Color Film?

One of the most interesting ways of getting impressive photography results is with Cross Processing. In this process, chemicals meant for a particular film type are used in another film type to create a dramatic effect. In doing this, you'll get some of the best photographic effects.

There are two methods involved in cross processing. One is the use of C-41 chemicals in positive color reversal film, which creatives a negative image on a colorless base. The second is the use of E-6 chemical for processing negative color film, to get a positive image with an orange base.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Positive color film
  • Negative color film
  • E-6 processing chemicals
  • C-41 processing chemicals
  • Film camera
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tongs

Step1- Gather Materials for Cross Processing Color Film

Gather materials that you would need to begin the color processing. Since you have to make use of chemicals in color processing, you would need to have materials such as rubber gloves or tongs to work with it safely.

Step 2 - Using E-6 Chemicals

Take E-6 chemicals to process the negative color film. When you use this chemical on the negative color film, you can see the film turning into a positive image with an orange base. This is a common type of color processing and it can create some very strong color effects. A point to note here is that this process is very temperature sensitive and as a result, it is necessary to use a tempered water bath so that temperatures are maintained at 100 °F.

Step 3 - Using C-41 Chemicals

You need to create a negative image with a colorless backdrop. This can be done using C-41 chemicals that will help to cross process positive color reversal film. It is important to note here that C-41 negatives can fade away or they can change color over time.  When carrying out the C-41 chemical process, it is necessary to control temperature and film agitation, so that accurate results can be obtained. Otherwise, it can result in severe color shifts.

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