Camera Movement: Understanding Zoom Out

A good videographer will know how to effectively use camera movement to tell a story and to keep the viewers interested. The zoom out is one camera function that provides numerous opportunities in telling stories. To use this effectively, you must remember not to overuse this function. Constant zooming in and out is often a staple in amateur home videos. So if you want your video to retain a look of professionalism, you'll need to establish purpose for every camera movement you make. Here's how you can effectively use the zoom out function.

Establishing Shot

If you wish to start out with your central character, you can use the zoom out function to establish your film's setting and location. For instance, you can start out with a close up of a happy little girl, and then slowly zoom out to a Christmas scene to establish the place, setting, and time.

Portray Solitariness

The zoom out is also a great dramatic tool to show your character's loneliness. You can slowly zoom out to show empty space around your character to depict solitude.

Action Shot

A fast zoom out is also used for fast action shots. Zooming out quickly is a good way to show suspense and tension. 

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