Camera Movement: Understanding Trucking

This camera movement is also often referred to as tracking shot or crabbing. Similar to the dolly in terms of movement, but instead of moving in and out of your subject, the trucking shot is used to move along a horizontal axis. It's also likened to the pan shot in that it is used to follow a movement, or to show off a landscape. This time though, the camera itself moves from side to side.

Achieving the Trucking Shot

The trucking shot is used by fastening the camera on a tripod that's securely mounted on a dolly. By moving it along tracks, you can track your subject and move the camera horizontally. If you don't have an actual dolly and tracks, guerilla productions are able to achieve the trucking shot by using any wheeled device. You can do a trucking shot from a moving vehicle, using a wheelchair, a skateboard, and even and office chair.

When to Use the Trucking Shot

Trucking shots are great for following fast-paced action. Notice in action movies that the camera is often tracking the main character as he runs. The trucking shot is great for showing a different angle of a subject. Used properly, this can yield dramatic results. 

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