Breaking the Rules for Framing a Picture

There are rules to be aware of in the digital photography arena, such as the rule of thirds and rules about framing a picture. However, just as with the rules of life, there are times when it is okay and even appropriate to break the rules. The key is know when breaking the traditional rules of framing can create more interest in your work.

Creating a Partial Frame

One way to show some creativity with certain shots is to do a partial frame. Rather than trying to fully frame the subject, you may find that it works better to use only one or two corners as the frame.

Blurring the Frame

Sometimes it creates a whole different feel to the photo if the frame of the picture is purposely blurred. This effect still gives the intended subject the focus, but with a new feel to it.

Turning Dark into Light

You may want to experiment and try turning the dark elements into the light elements or vice versa. Complementing on the opposite of a framed photo makes for an interesting look and the viewer can't help but be intrigued.

Whatever you decide to do that's a little different, a little more creative, or if you generally just break the rules, it's okay. With the technology available today, if the look doesn't work, just try again.

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