Beautiful Nature Pictures in 3 Simple Steps

Taking beautiful nature pictures has its own set of challenges, but can also provide an infinite number of opportunities for photographers to take great photographs. The following are a few steps to capture the beauty of the natural environment in a photograph.

Step 1: Study the Amount of Light Available

Photographers have little control on how much light is available photographing wildlife and nature. Flash should be avoided as it is only effective in short distances and can startle the wildlife. Research ahead to have a basic understanding of how much light is available at certain times and determine the best positions to get great shots. Oftentimes it is recommended to photograph with the sun behind the camera. The early mornings and late afternoons are some of the best times because of the light and colors produced.

Step 2: Consider the Distance

Animals get rattled easily even with the slightest movement. Besides considering the sun’s position, determine where the wildlife will be coming from. Photographing too close to the subject can scare it away, while being too far will make for an uninteresting shot.

Step 3: Identify the Focal Point

Define what makes the location unique. This can be a set of trees, stones or the cloud formations. Make this the focal point of the image to draw the viewer into the photograph.