Aura Photography: How to Use an Digital Camera

Aura photography involves capturing a person’s aura, which refers to the radiation surrounding a person or object. While many people use special cameras to capture this aura, you can actually capture somebody’s aura using standard digital and video cameras. You just need to do two things: look for somebody with a strong aura and be prepared to get close.

Step 1: Find a Good Aura

Everybody has an aura. This is the colors that radiate from a person, and these colors range from pink to green to blue. But, not everyone has a strong aura. Spiritual people tend to have a really strong aura. Children also have strong auras. So, you should look for a subject like this.

You can, however, use anyone in your family. It may just take a few extra pictures to capture some people’s aura.

Step 2: Clear Out the Clutter

Auras are very subtle, and they can be lost in background clutter. Try to set up your subject up against a solid-colored background. Neutral colors like black, deep blue and white work really well since they will illuminate your subject.

If you are photographing a child, and you must have props, use something simple like a handheld toy, a ball or even a kitten. This will improve the aura of the child since he will be happy.

Step 3: Get in Close

When you zoom into a subject, you lose some clarity, and you need to make your pictures as clear as possible to see someone’s aura. So, instead of zooming into the person, just move in closer. If you get within two or three feet, this will improve your chances of capturing someone’s aura.

Step 4: Use Light

Be sure that your person is fully illuminated. Set up lamps or photo lights around the person to better capture the person and his aura.