6 Popular Websites for Landscapes Photos

There are some incredible landscape photos on the Internet. The number of websites offering you free or royalty free photos is growing daily. It’s important to remember that there is a difference between free and royalty free. Free means no charge. Royalty free means you buy it and you can use it without restrictions unless otherwise stated. Here are six popular websites for landscape photos:

1. Smugbug

One of the foremost places to find the most magnificent photos of landscapes has to be Smugbug.

2. Getty Images

One of the largest suppliers of images in the world, Getty has an incredible range of photographs from most of the top photographers in the world. Getty has been a key supplier of everything from photos to newspapers and magazines for many years

3. Istock

Large selections of photographs are for sale here from photographers from all walks of life. This website offers photographers an opportunity to sell their photography online after they meet the required criteria, including the correct resolution.

4. Moon River Photography

Moon River has a collection of photos available of a variety of landscapes. Some are very different from traditional landscapes.

5. Free Stock Photos:

This offers a large selection of photographs across the world. Some of them have been offered here by Shutterstock as well. You are sure to find a connection between the two sites.

6. Flickr

Flickr has to be included in this list. If you go to a search engine, their name always comes up for landscape photos.