5 Tips For Looking Good In Photos

Unless you're a professional model, giving your best angle in photos can be quite a problem. Often, people get very self-conscious the moment that camera lens is pointed towards them. This gives the tendency of instantly flashing a fake, uncomfortable smile. Or, one might have one generic awkward look throughout all the photos. Not knowing your best look can result in pictures you'd want to stash away in your closet. 

Having a good picture taken isn't all that hard. All you need to do is follow a couple of tips, and soon enough you'll be flashing that winning smile on all your pictures. You may not be a professional model, but you can certainly emit the confidence of one. Here are some tips you can try to get that winning smile:

1. Wear the Right Threads

If you look good in what you're wearing, you'll most certainly start to feel good. Looking and feeling confident is something that can be captured on camera. Believe it or not, having that celebrity aura about you can make a difference in your pictures. So, make sure that your clothes fit right, the colors are flattering, and most importantly, you feel good about what you're wearing. You'll soon find yourself looking like you just stepped off the red carpet. 

2. Practice in Front of the Mirror

It may sound silly, but your best bet in looking good in photos is knowing exactly how you can look good. Every person has a good angle; all it takes is a couple of minutes for you to find it. Most people look their best angled at 3/4 from the front. This gives them a slimmed effect and a more pronounced jawline. You may also have a friend take several pictures of you from different angles and with different poses. From here, you can discern your best pose. 

3. Avoid a Low Angle

Being photographed from below will rarely yield in a flattering photo. A low angle will often make you look bigger and bulkier, and will reveal unwanted flabs and bulges. Try to make sure that you're always photographed at eye level instead.

4. Mind Your Posture

This is a good tip both on and off camera. Always push your shoulders back, and keep your head and torso straight. Avoid slouching and drooping. This will give off a wrong impression. Having a good posture will not only make you look confident, you'll start to feel great as well. This will also give the impression of a longer, leaner body and might even shave off some pounds from your image!

5. Find a Good Light

Believe it or not, lighting can make a world of a difference. If you find that the light source is straight ahead of you, make sure you angle properly so you can cast some shadows on your image. Whether still photos or video, flat lighting is never good. It will make the image look dull and lifeless. Casting a few shadows on yourself will not only create a more interesting and flattering picture, it will also give the illusion of curves. 

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