5 Tips for Great Headshot Photography

Headshot photography is a popular way to take pictures. Many people also need these types of pictures for a portfolio. As a photographer, you want your subject to get the best possible photos, so here are five tips you can follow to ensure that happens every time:

1. Take the Picture from a Higher Angle

Make your subjects look thinner by taking their picture from a higher angle. This helps to avoid making them look like they have a double chin, and you get a more flattering look.

2. Don’t Take the Picture Really Close Up

Taking this type of photography too closely causes lens distortion. This can make the person’s nose look big. Instead, use a zoom lens and don’t stand too close.

3. Use a Soft Focus

In headshot photography, a soft focus is better than a sharp focus because it takes a more flattering picture. A zoom lens can give this effect better than a non-zoom lens.

4. Use Soft Lights or Umbrellas

In headshot photography, it’s better for your subject to not be in direct light because strong light isn’t flattering. Use a photo studio umbrella to diffuse the light and make it softer.

5. Tilt the Subject’s Head/Upper Half

It’s better to have subjects tilt their head one way or the other. This gives a more flattering look. Men should bend forward, but women can be placed with their heads bent either forward or backwards.