5 Popular Websites for Free Wildlife Stock Photography

Wildlife stock photography can be free, but more likely it will be royalty free and there is a huge difference. It is important to know what you can get for the price. Royalty free basically means you can use the photo in as many places as you like, once you have bought it. Here are five websites where you can find wildlife stock photography for free:

1. Wildlife-pictures-online.com

If you use this site's photos on a website, you have to link back to them. There are conditions attached to where and when you may use them, but they are free.

2. Imageafter.com

At this site, there is a fair sized collection of photographs that are free to download and use, but the wildlife stock photography tends to be jumbled together with domestic animals. You'll have to spend time searching through the files.

3. Morguefile.com

This is a lovely collection of free photos which you can download and use. There doesn’t appear to be any restriction on the use of these photos.

4. Sxc.hu

This is a huge site of free photographs, with close to 400,000 photographs of not just wild animals, but of all sorts of things.

5. Freefoto.com

This site offers photographs of all different types--not only of wild animals, but many others as well. There is a restriction on what you can use them for. You may only use them for non-commercial purposes. In other words, you can’t sell any items you have printed the photos on.