4 Useful Tone Mapping Software Programs

There are many different Tone Mapping and HDR applications which are available. All of these have different features and will suit people with different objectives and budgets.

1. PhotoMatix

PhotoMatix is one of the most popular HDR and Tone Mapping applications available. This can be used as a standalone application which has many additional features. It can also be installed as a plug in to be used with Photo shop CS3, which does not have many tone mapping features as standard.

This software is very popular because it has an easy-to-use interface and provides excellent results.

2. Qtpfsgui

This software might not have a memorable name, but it is free. This is an open source application which can be used to create HDR images. It also features tone mapping algorithms to touch up your HDR photos.

For a free app, this is very powerful. It can even be used to fake the HDR look using a single JPEG image.

3. Artizen

Artizen is a plugin or a standalone program which makes tone mapping very easy. There is a free trial version available, so that you can try before you buy. The plugin is compatible with Photoshop CS2 and newer.

4. EasyHDR

This is an easy to use image editor with HDR and tone mapping features. There is also a free limited version available for download which can be used to decide if it's right for you or not.