4 Tricks of Modern Photographers for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography can take on a different twist when accomplished by modern photographers. From the final image alone, you can already differentiate a traditional landscape photograph from a modern one. If you want scenic pictures that turn heads, here are some tips you can keep in mind the next time you go out trekking with your camera.

1. Use Specialized Lenses

Landscape photography need not be your flat, narrow-depth panoramic shot. You can experiment with a fish eye lens to show a rounded horizon. This is often done with seascapes, to give the illusion that one can see the world’s curve. Tilt-shift lenses and specialized soft focus lenses are also great to experiment with. With the tilt-shift, you’ll create the miniaturized illusion. Soft focus lenses will give your picture a dreamy effect.

2. Break Some Rules

Most traditional photographers are very strict with the rule of thirds. For once, try breaking it. You will come up with dynamic and interesting shots. Place the horizon far up in the frame; you just might capture an interesting foreground. Tilt your camera a bit to the side; this shot might give you a different perspective on an oak forest or mountain range.

3. Think HDR

Modern photographers also have some post-production tricks up their sleeves. You can create HDR or High Dynamic Range photographs from your collection. The results are surreal pictures with stark colors. Invest in a good photo manipulation software to achieve this.

4. Speed up and Slow Down

Experiment more with your shutter speeds. Freeze some moving water, or slow down a running predator. Try long exposures to capture streaks of movement or to meld elements together. This dynamic technique will certainly make your landscape photograph stand out from the rest.