4 Tips to Start Shooting Black and White Nature Photography

Black and white nature photography isn’t as simple as it sounds. You will require patience to achieve good results, but with time and practice, it will slowly develop into a skill you can exploit with some great results. Here are few tips to help you out.

1. Basic Frame

The composition of the photograph is the basic frame you need to consider. Forget about seeing the colors; think in black and white.

2. Light and Shade

It’s an art, but it can be developed. Think it terms of light and shade. When you are using your composition skills, look at the central frame and then view the light around it (picturing how it falls to create shadows and accents).

3. Mental Snapshots

Great black and white photos accentuate the colors in the form of black versus white and the contrasts are all important. Learn to group things in your mind and take a mental snapshot.

4. Background

The most important thing to remember is to make use of the all the aspects in the photo frame and make them fit with the image you are taking. Once such aspect is the background. You need to make sure that background is not distracting, especially in black and white pictures.