4 Tips for Urban Landscape Photographers

Urban landscape photographers are used a lot for shooting commercials scenes. There are several factors that they have to take into account when taking their photographs, and here are four tips for them:

1. Shoot Early

When doing urban photography, it’s a good idea to take the photographs early in the day, after streets are cleaned and before they become crowded with people. The city has a life of its own at this time of the morning. It is almost as if it has a different character. This way you actually get the architecture of what you want to shoot.

2. Engage in Construction Photography

Buildings that are old and dilapidated or in the process of being built provide a more interesting perspective to a scene rather than a straight up and down slab of concrete. Some of the most interesting sights are those that have character of some sort. Think of the great shots of city buildings you have seen and think about what makes these photos so great.

3. Shoot High

Using a high vantage point to shoot from always gives you an unusual angle of a building, as most people look up rather than down. The angle from this height will require the use of a telephoto lens as well as various filters, dependent on the light at the time.

4. Don’t Forget to Use UV filters

When shooting in an urban environment, you are going to find you need filters. Urban landscape photographers often use them to improve the lighting aspect of the photo.