4 Tips for Taking Professional Swimming Pictures

When taking swimming pictures, there are two major things to take into consideration: great timing and humidity, as these affect the quality of the pictures. Here are four tips for taking professional swimming pictures:

1. Get to the Location Early 

Make sure that you get to the swimming area as early as 30 minutes before actually starting to take pictures. This is because the equipment needs time to get used to the humidity and temperature that is around the swimming area.

2. Fight the Fog

Since the best time to take swimming pictures is in the morning, you have to have a way to fight the fog off the lens. This can be done with the help of a microfiber cloth. After the cleaning, you can take a number of shots before you have to re-clean.

3. Ensure Proper Shot Timing

Most of the time, swimmers have their heads under the water so the best time to take shots is when they are still on the block. The other time is when they are jumping off the block, but speed and precision are highly needed here. For shooting while they are swimming--when the swimmers’ heads are raised and their arms are swung forward--position yourself in a way that the swimmers are coming at you. The camera must be pre-focused for proper timing.

4. Be Daring

Underwater pictures may not be easy to take during events, but you must be daring enough to ask during practice. If you are allowed to take underwater photos, a waterproof camera is best to use. Waterproof camera enclosures will help to create great photos. Enclosures can be purchased at any photo shop. With the correct equipment, taking professional style swimming pictures can be a breeze.