4 Tips for Good Moon Photography

Moon photography is definitely one of the most challenging assignments a photographer can take on. There are many factors going against you, and a very small window that could aid you in coming up with that winning shot. If you’re set on capturing that elusive satellite in one dramatic photograph, here are some tips that can help you out.

1. Plan Ahead

Consult a moon calendar to know the phase of the moon, and its scheduled moonrise and moonset times. From here, you will find the Golden Hour, which is just a few minutes after the sun has set. Visualize the moon photograph you want to achieve, and do your planning from here. 

2. Prepare Your Equipment

It’s crucial to have a tripod. Be sure you bring the proper telephoto lens. The most recommended is anything above 300mm. 

3. Find the Perfect Spot

The best moon photographs often have a frame of reference. Try to put something on the horizon or the foreground. This will make your moon photograph more dramatic.

4. Bracket

To get the best exposure and to make sure your moon registers as a bright orb on your photograph, do spot metering on the moon. Bracket your shots too to get the best results. Shoot a photograph two spots over and two spots under the recommended settings.