4 Modern Techniques for Maternity Photos

Maternity photos document an important stage in a mother’s life prior to giving birth. There are several options which photographers can choose from without resorting to the traditional or cliché. Here are four modern techniques for photographing pregnant women.

1. Photograph the Outdoors

Studio shots give photographers a great deal of control in terms of lighting and equipment. Having the session outdoors has its own challenges, but the backdrop can be used to highlight the beauty of this particular stage.

2. Use the Home Environment

The home environment is a place where the subject can feel comfortable. Using the home as the backdrop is also a way to document a natural phase of both the mother and the infant’s life.

3. Highlight Existing Relationships

Include shots of the pregnant mother and father or as a family with the other children. A maternity photo should highlight the family as the infant is already a part of this relationship. Include the family pet as well if there is one.

4. Experiment with Other Angles

Make each session unique. The mother-to-be has to feel that this pregnancy is special. Tailor the shoot around the subject or the mother being photographed. Use elements and props that are special to her, such as a toy or clothes she has selected for her infant.