4 Composition Techniques for Landscape Photography

The composition techniques of landscape photos play a very important role in your career, because it can help you reach your target audience. Listed below are 4 techniques for you to successfully get your photo noticed.

1. Never Forget the Diagonal Lines

Landscape photos would not be landscape photos if they did not have diagonal lines. Make sure that your photos have these. Be creative and use your surroundings to your advantage. You can always use paths, tree lines, rooftops and a lot more objects as lines. This is important, as it will give emphasis to your photo and will also turn out to be more beautiful.

2. Make Use of Geometric Shapes

When you are taking a landscape photo, try to find ways to incorporate objects that will form geometric shapes. One of the most famous shapes used is the triangle, which is often associated to pathways and roads. This will provide balance to your photo as well as beauty.

3. The Rule of Thirds

This is probably one of the most used techniques in photography. The rule of thirds is used to give your photo a more balanced and interesting feel. This is done by making an imaginary line, that will include two horizontal and two diagonal lines in your photo, and placing the points of interest on the intersecting sections.

4. Frame Your Photos

Another technique that you can use is framing. It is done by placing your point of interest in between two objects that are at the edges of your picture. The most often used objects are trees and poles. This will enable you to give more emphasis to your photo.