3 Uses of Aura Photography

Aura photography is the art of taking a photograph of the energy field that surrounds any living object. The modern Aura cameras were invented in the 1970’s. These are different from the invention made by Kirlian in the 1930’s. Made with the idea in mind of finding the Hall of Records in the pyramids, these cameras together with the computer, have recently come into their own. The uses of Aura photography today have failed to be exactly what they were intended for, but there are several uses for these cameras.

1. Used as a Psychic Tool

Today, several psychics and tarot readers have added this camera and computer to the list of items they take to fairs and shows. They use the Aura photography method to show the person getting a reading what the aura around them looks like. Then, they interpret and give their impression of what is happening in that person's life based on the photo. Exactly how accurate this is obviously depends on the psychic’s credibility.

2. Use in Archeology

As the camera was made to find energy fields of historic items, it makes sense to use it for this purpose (within the field of archeology). However, this use has not become popular, although it is designed and ready for such a purpose.

3. Medical Field

Although no breakthroughs have been made in this field yet, it is well within the realms of possibility that in the near future this device can be used in the diagnostic field of medical science. The possibility for using Aura photography to aid a physician in determining ailments is too great to leave uncharted.