3 Tips to Enhance Surf Photos

Surf photos are a major attraction, as you usually have miles of beach and sand to utilize to get the shot you want. Keep sand away from your camera. Nothing is worse than sand in a lens. Make sure to keep the covers on any lens not in use.

  1. Add Drama: Nothing is wilder than surf after a storm. The surge and strength of the waves assumes huge proportions if you get down close to the sand and focus upwards using your telephoto lens, if you have one. If you have a wide angle lens, this also works well. Standing on a cliff face can also give you great photos, as you are high above the waves but can zoom into them. You can almost see them crashing down. One advantage of being up is that sand and sea spray won’t affect your lens.
  2. The Right Filters: Use the right filters for seascapes. The atmosphere is so bright, you have to dampen it down or the glare will detract from the image. Use filters of varying hues to see what effect each makes on the sea. Greens, blues and reds can all be dramatic in the right situation.
  3. Experiment: Rocky outcrops make a good contrast to the sea and the two opposite ends of the color scale give you a way to experiment with light and color. In addition, the rocks can serve as a vantage point to take your photos.