3 Tips in Using Auto Mode for Underwater Photography

All digital cameras have an auto mode. However, digital cameras were not designed for underwater photography, so if you are using auto mode, you will need to keep a few things in mind.


It is not recommended that you use flash while underwater. You can still capture great underwater photos by staying shallow in the water, shooting your photos between 10 am and 2 pm and shooting with the sun to your back. If it is not a sunny day, you may not want to take photos that day, unless you have a strobe.


Whether you are set on using auto mode or design to use manual mode, you should consider investing in at least one strobe. An external strobe will immediately and noticeably improve the quality of your digital photographs. A strobe is similar to a flash in that it produces artificial light, but the strobe is much more powerful.


If you are shooting in auto mode and are not using a strobe light, then filters can be very beneficial to you. Filters are small, colored gels that are placed in front of the camera lens. You can purchase filters that are specifically designed for underwater use and these filters will help you get good color in your photos.

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