3 Tips for Window Lighting Beginners

Window lighting instead of using a flash can be an option; use a tripod when you are shooting indoors, turn the flash off, stand out of direct line of the window and concentrate on one person, not a group.

  1. Stand out of Direct Line of the Window: Taking a photo out of the direct line of the incoming light source gives you a better angle of light and shade. Always look at the camera to see how the picture will appear in the finished article. Take time to arrange the shot to provide the best background as a contrast to the model. 
  2. Always use a Tripod if You can: On the occasions when you are going to be taking photos indoors, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of using a tripod or monopod. This holds the camera steady and, with the shutter being open for a longer period as will happen indoors, you don’t accidentally move it before the photo is in the bag.
  3. Turn the Flash off: While a flash is a great source of light in certain circumstances, if you are using window lightening as your main light source it is a good idea to turn your flash off. With the flash off, you will not have problems such as red eye, which can spoil the photo completely. Like all types of photography, you learn tricks and tips to suit you and your camera as you go.