3 Reasons to Use Natural Light in Photography

As a photographer, you get used to working with different kinds of lighting, including natural light, to produce high quality photos. With natural light, you don’t need to carry around extra equipment, and you will always know that what you see is what you will get in your photos. Used properly, the direction of the light can make your images striking and even more interesting.

1. Soft Subtle Light

Natural light can blend lightly within its environment to create a soft subtle light. Soft subtle light can invoke an inner peace. When using a room that is naturally lit with soft subtle light, the photos seem to have a certain innocent feel to them.

2. Directional Side Light

Directional side light is a form of natural light that can add mystery to your photographs. It can reveal details that add drama and give a sense that the subject is lurking in the shadows. By using directional side lighting, the photographer can hide or reveal whatever he wants. Using window lighting at the right time of the day can do a good job of providing directional side light.

3. Flood Area with Light

When you flood the area with a bright natural light, it will cause shadows in your photographs to be sharp. Everything will contrast with the other objects in the photograph and the shadows will stand out. You will need to make adjustments to your camera to avoid seeing a bluish tint in your photos. Using your camera flash when taking photos in bright light will help to balance out the shadows in your photographs and lighten the harsh face shadows.