3 Problems Outdoor Portrait Photography Presents

The sun is the main source of light when achieving outdoor portrait photography. It is free and produces the most accurate colors. Photographing in the outdoors comes with its own set of challenges. The following are some of the common problems in the field and how to tackle them.

1. Stark Contrasts

When photographing under the midday sun or a clear bright sky, the high levels of sunlight can create hard shadows. If the sun is behind the model being photographed, the light will cast a shadow covering the front of the face. With the light in front of the subject, the model may end up squinting. Professionals suggest having the light behind the model and using fill in flash. Other alternative solutions include photographing during the latter parts of the afternoon or during an overcast day.

2. Burned up Backgrounds

The intense light from the sun can wash out colors, creating hot spots in images. To remedy the situation, photographers advise tilting the camera to avoid the areas directly hit by the sunlight.

3. Color Balance

The amount of light available outdoors can skew the color intensity or color balance of the image. This can alter the skin tone and how the model looks on camera. When photographing outdoors, once the lighting equipment has been set, customize the white balance setting on the camera.