3 Great Natural Light Sources

Natural light sources are great because they can be manipulated to create great photographic lighting and can save you a lot of money in equipment rentals as they might make the need for artificial lights obsolete. Now there really is only one natural source of light that exists and that's the sun. But it's an extremely large light source that offers us three ways to manipulate it for our own lighting needs. 

Diffuse it

Sunlight can sometimes be very harsh and that can give off unflattering photos. The best way to overcome this is to diffuse it. This is done by stretching a large piece of diffusion material, like silk or light grid, over a metal frame. The typical frame sizes are 6' by 6', 8' by 8', 12' by 12' and 20' by 20'. 

When using diffusion frames outside it is extremely important to make sure they are secured on stands and then tied down with rope. A gust of wind can easily turn on into a sail.

Bounce it

When using the sun for light you can use a white bounce card to bounce some of the light back onto the subject and make them appear a little brighter.

Reflect it

Reflectors can also be used to redirect the light from the sun. These are more advantageous than bounce cards because they can direct the light beams over a greater distance. They come in silver for a cool look and gold for a warm one.