3 Famous Landscape Photographers for Beginners to Study

There are several famous landscape photographers that you can study if you are beginning to learn the art of photography. Here are three photographers that have inspired many with their images.

1. Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was instrumental in forging a path for future landscape photographers. Adams regularly visited the Yosemite Sierra, where his love for nature and wilderness began to merge with his enjoyment of photography. He encouraged straight photography, a form in which the entire image remains sharp and is free of darkroom manipulations.

2. Galen Rowell

Galen Rowell was never professionally trained as a photographer, but his images are used to instruct others learning the art. Rowell set himself apart by becoming an active participant in his photography. He used his images to convey to others what he had seen with his own eyes. His photographs from around the world allow the viewers to participate in his adventures.

3. Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus has a unique talent for finding the magical moments in nature and capturing them in his photographs. His images have appeared in calendars, books, advertisements and several publications. Adamus’ passion for wilderness seeps from his photographs, making them a source of inspiration for aspiring photographers.