2 Ways HDR Photos are Better than Regular Photos

HDR Photos are photographs that have a high dynamic range, which makes them better than regular photos. But, why is that? Here are two reasons:

1. Everything Can Be Evenly Exposed

Dynamic range refers to the exposure range of a photograph, the light levels between under- and over-exposure. Our eyes have a high dynamic range, while our digital cameras do not. So, if you were shooting a photograph in a room with a window during the middle of the day, you would either have either an evenly exposed room with an over-exposed window or an under-exposed room with an evenly exposed window. HDR photos allow you to have the best of both worlds with both the window and room evenly exposed.

2. Greater Control over the Overall Exposure of the Image

HDR photos are typically created by combining several photographs together. These photos are all the same shot, but each one was taken with a different exposure so some parts are under-exposed while others are blown out. Because HDR photos come about through combining many photos, you can control the brightness of certain parts of the image. For example, if you were making an HDR photo of a house at dusk from five photos, then you have five brightness levels of the sky to choose from. This range of choices allows you to create the best image possible.