2 Ways HDR Enhances Photos

HDR stands for high dynamic range. It's a photography technique that involves combining several photographs of the same shot, taken at different exposures, into one shot. Our eyes have a very high dynamic range, but our cameras do not. There is a narrow exposure range; parts of the frame that fall under that range will be underexposed, while areas over that range will be overexposed. The HDR technique allows you to take greater control over your images' exposures. Here are two ways HDR enhances photos:

1. Brightens Dark Areas

Because an HDR photograph is a combination of several photographs taken at a wide range of exposures, you will have the ability to make parts of the photograph--that would normally be underexposed under the best circumstances--become properly exposed. You can now bring light to areas that were once dark.

2. Eliminates Overexposure

Because you're combining under and overexposed photos, you can replace areas that would be an overexposed part of an image, like a sky, with one that has been evenly exposed. The HDR technique allows you to have the best of both worlds in photography. This allows you to accurately represent the wide range of lightening intensities found in real life, which in turn allows you to create the best photographs.