2 Composition Techniques for Fashion Photography

Below are some quick tips on composition techniques used by fashion photographers to capture some great photographs. Trying out these tips should add something new to your arsenal no matter what your current level of proficiency is.

1. Use Frame Cards

Most fashion photography professionals find frame cards incredibly useful. A frame card is probably the simplest element that performs many different functions, one of the most basic being its ability to help you focus on setup. It lets you isolate the scene visually and look at it as if it were in a page of a book.

Also, you can look at the isolated scene by closing one of your own eyes to see how it looks in two dimensions. This can make a huge difference, because many setups look great in three dimensions but turn out bad in a flat setting like the page of a book.

2. Usage of Environment

Paying attention to lines of direction is another useful technique that can easily lead the eyes of the viewer to the center of attraction or the subject of interest. Looking at playing with these lines in your head will help you to create photographs that make your fashion subject stand out in all its glory.

Another technique involves playing around with the light values. A strong contrast between a dark tone and a light one will immediately attract the attention of the viewer’s eye to the object of interest. Also, adding the illusion of depth to a two-dimensional photograph by using converging lines can multiply the effect by acting as lines of direction. This has the effect of putting the subject strongly in focus.

By using the above tips, you should be able to add more punch to your fashion photography.