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10 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make and How To Avoid Them

If you're new to photography, you're bound to make a few mistakes. That's completely okay. Frankly, it's a necessary part of the process. Even the best photographers in the world have had their share of...[more]

How To Photograph Spring Flowers

Spring is in the air, folks, which means one very fun photo-thing... spring flowers. Every photographer uses flowers as a go-to subject at one point or another in the early days of their photographic journey....[more]

How to use perspective to make your photos more interesting

Add depth,distance, and realism -- or fake it -- with these techniquesWe've talked about depth of field and its relation to both aperture and shutter speed. This week, we're going to take an in-depth look at something that...[more]

Photographing The Sunrise

When I walked out my front door this morning, I stepped into the most glorious sunrise. It was more spectacular than any I have ever witnessed, with one exception. The clouds swept across the sky...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to photograph meteor showers

Capturing meteor showers and other celestial events requires time and patience.In an earlier edition of our low-light photography series, we talked about how to photograph the moon and stars. Today, with the Perseid meteor shower gearing up...[more]

How to Paint with Light

A Quick and Easy Guide to Light Painting.("Bat(Man) on Fire" by Mina Mikhael)Light Painting is all the rage these days.  Or, more specifically, has been all the rage for the last few years.  But...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to photograph flowers

From delicate blooms to fields of wildflowers, here's how to capture nature's colorful floral displaysFlowers are pretty. But like that sentence, pictures of flowers can be a little boring -- yet another picture of a...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to photograph the different phases of twilight

Photographs of sunsets and sunrises can certainly be beautiful, yet they can also be somewhat repetitive. Many people think that if you've seen one sunset picture, you've seen them all. But if you stick around for...[more]

Digital Photography 101: How to capture mood in your photographs

Finding emotion and soul in digital picturesThe most memorable photographs are ones that evoke a certain mood or feeling, but figuring out how to capture that mood in your own photos can be somewhat...[more]

Flash Photography (or NOT)

My photography tutorials, generally speaking, come from my observations of other photographers. I have found that people have certain consistencies of habit, photographers bearing no exception to this rule. It seems what one photographer does...[more]

How to Take Great Volleyball Photography

Volleyball photography doesn’t have to be an exclusive activity for professional sports photographers. Even amateurs with their high-speed cameras can try their hand at this and learn from the experience, since it is one...[more]

How to Take Great Track and Field Pictures

Taking great track and field pictures requires a better understanding and mastery of how the camera works and forecasting. The following are some suggestions on how to improve your track and field photographs. Do...[more]

Taking Great Rowing Photography

Rowing photography can mean taking shots of an interscholastic contest between several collegiate rowing teams or just a romantic picture of two people on a boat ride. Along with a good creative eye and...[more]

How to Take Great Running Photography

Running photography has its own unique set of challenges. The fast paced movement can create blurred photographs. Here are some steps in taking better photographs during races. Understand the Sport Learn more about the...[more]

Learning about Motion Blur Photography

Motion blur in photography is commonly used in sports or capturing objects that are moving fast. However, this technique is also useful when emphasizing movement or motion, regardless of the speed or size of...[more]

How to Make Photo Ornaments

Making your own photo ornaments can be a unique way of decorating your home and making it look festive for Christmas. These photo ornaments are actually very easy to make yourself. It's possible to...[more]

How to Take Christmas Tree Pictures

Taking Christmas tree pictures is a great way of capturing the magic of Christmas for the rest of the year. A Christmas tree is one of the most memorable things to see during Christmas....[more]

4 Contemporary Photographers for Beginners to Study

As a beginner photographer, anyone needs inspiration to create an interesting personal portfolio, and the best place to find that inspiration is to take a look at the work of contemporary photographers. Depending on...[more]

4 Ways to Display a Panorama Image

Special and expensive equipment does a pretty good job at obtaining a good panorama image, but spending a fortune is not the only way to include great panoramas in a photography portfolio. Here are...[more]

3 Tips to Use Architecture in Your Landscape Photos

Admittedly, architecture photos are not the first image that comes to mind when you hear “landscape photos.” However, using architecture as the main subject of your landscape can give new meaning and depth to...[more]

How to Shoot Beautiful Landscapes in 3 Simple Steps

Beautiful landscapes are not hard to capture if you follow the right steps. Follow these simple instructions to shoot vivid, breathtaking landscape photographs. Step 1: Plan Ahead Study the landscape you want to photograph....[more]

4 Ways to Turn Simple Scenery Photography into Dramatic Images

Impressive scenery photography can easily increase a photographer’s popularity. Landscapes offer breathtaking views, but there are a few tips and tricks to take into consideration in order to capture the drama through a DSLR’s...[more]

Using Images Plus for Astrophotography

Before Images Plus, astrophotography was a very tedious affair since it was done mostly manually. Now, there is no need to play babysitter to your telescope with Images Plus taking over. Here’s how you...[more]

What You Need to Shoot Basketball Photography

Basketball photography is pretty challenging, like any other form of sports photography. Since the subjects are always on the move and speed is a very important factor in the game, you must always be...[more]

Using a Panoramic Photo to Display a City Skyline

When taking a panoramic photo of a city skyline, you can create some amazing photos. It's wonderful to be able to capture the whole city in just one photo. Panoramic photos are enjoyable to...[more]

Using Landscape Photos to Arrange Your Backyard

It can be very rewarding to take landscape photos because these capture the natural beauty of the world. Landscape photos can also be used to organize your backyard. This makes it very simple to...[more]

Must Have Features in Landscape Photography Courses

Landscape photography courses are vital to the photographer who wants to spend his career taking photographs of the countryside and all of its beauty. It’s vital to know what course basics the budding landscape...[more]

3 Tips for Making Photo Canvas Art Great

Instead of buying that latest Picasso painting which will cost more than a car in some cases, why not get a photo canvas art version of it instead? Photo canvas art are images reproduced...[more]

4 Top Rated Photography Schools

If you want to learn how to work in the photography field, you need to know which schools are rated the top photography schools. Here are a few to investigate. 1. Yale University The...[more]

3 Photography Courses to Create Dramatic Digital Images

Photography courses on digital photography are a great help for photographers, especially since computers, graphics software and camera data accessories are now used to create dramatic digital photos taken by any digital camera. Presently...[more]

3 Portrait Photography Tips for Pros

Portrait photography is about the person or subject being photographed. This branch of photography poses its own set of challenges depending on the person being photographed, the location, the equipment being used and a...[more]

Guide to Photography Lighting for Beginners

Photography lighting can seem intimidating to beginners. But, once you understand a few general things about it, you will be able to create your own lighting set ups in no time. Here is a...[more]

3 Reasons Why Some Online Photography Courses Fall Short

Online photography courses are not for everyone. They are enticing because they are a comfortable alternative to a real course. Most of them have real professionals teaching and provide good support, but there are...[more]

Two Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography tips can always be helpful for beginners interested in this craft. After all, photography is not only an art, but it's also a science. If you understand the physics of light, then you...[more]

Guide to Finding a Quality Digital Photography School

A digital photography school is a great place where photographers from different skill levels can learn and improve their skills. There are photography schools all over the country and the world. Determining which school...[more]

4 Popular Photography Websites for Beginners

Beginning photographers can get a lot of good hints and tips from photography websites. Here are a few to get you started that are popular for beginners. 1. Photosecrets This website has a lot...[more]

Guide to Choosing Quality Photography Studios

Photography studios give photographers the freedom and flexibility to control various aspects of the shoot, including the background, lighting, equipment and even using additional help. Not all photographers have their own studios and choose...[more]

Learn Photography Basics in 5 Simple Steps

It is easy to learn photography when the art is broken down into simple steps. Some shy away from learning this skill because of the learning curve. Studying the following steps can help photographers...[more]

3 Popular Types of Photography Lessons

If you want to learn how to take good pictures, then you need to take some photography lessons to learn how to do it. There are many ways to learn about photography. You can...[more]

How to Find a Photography Tutorial for Beginners

If you want to learn how to find photography tutorial for beginners, you should start by using the Internet and focus your attention on finding tutorials on how to shoot with a digital camera....[more]

4 Photography Books for Beginners

Beginning photographers can benefit from reading and getting tips and hints from photography books. Here are a few great books that are recommended by professional photographers. 1. "Digital Photography Masterclass" by Tom Ang This...[more]

How to Make Your Images Look Like Professional Wedding Photography

Professional wedding photography is a business where you can make a large amount of money. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and this special day will always be cherished by the...[more]

List of Typical Wedding Photography Prices

Wedding photography prices vary depending on the photographer, the size and extent of the wedding, and even the packages offered to the bride and groom. Basic packages have set price limits so its best...[more]

4 Tips for Understanding which Digital Photography Courses are Best

Taking digital photography courses online is a great way to improve your photography skills. There’s a big variety on both the quality and prices of the services offered. Photography teachers are pretty much self...[more]

3 Tips for Great Reflection Photography

Reflection photography uses the subject and the subject’s reflection as a means of improving the overall effect and intensity of the shot. Here are some tips for anyone who wishes to try out this...[more]

3 Tips for Taking Great Motocross Photography

One of the most excitingly experiences a photographer can have is engaging in motocross photography. Obtaining Motocross race photos creates exhilaration and satisfaction that some may not find in other types of photography. Here...[more]

3 Ways to Enhance an Engagement Photo Shoot

The engagement photo shoot is about as important as the actual wedding pictures. Although, it might take a little more creativity since the couple won’t be wearing a suit and an elaborate gown during...[more]

Guide to Creating More Artistic Landscape Pictures

When taking artistic pictures of landscapes, there are a few different things that you can do. By concentrating on these things, it will be possible to take artistic and beautiful landscape photographs. Taking photographs...[more]

Using Valentines Day Pictures in Advertising

There are websites that let you upload Valentines Day pictures online, not just for display but for selling. Companies have been known to buy “stock” photos to enhance product line promotions or marketing brochures....[more]

3 Techniques for Sprucing Up Hiking Pictures

Being able to take great hiking pictures requires some experience and a lot of research and preparation. It is one of a few instances in the field wherein the photographer is not encouraged to...[more]

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