Zwei-Stein: What to Look for in Free Video Editing Software

There is a lot of free video editing software available in the market today and the many choices can be overwhelming. If you are considering using Zwei-Stein video editing and compositing software, here is what you should look for:

About the Zwei-Stein Video Editor

The Zwei-Stein Video Editor enables you to combine multiple and different types of media streams to yield a final output. The editor itself is suitable for sourcing input from two different media sources and rendering them simultaneously. It can tweak almost any aspect of the media streams, such as interpolation algorithms, rotation angles, audio volumes and chroma key sensitivity. The Zwei-Stein Video Editor is also extensively used for the creation of custom effects.

Key Features

Some key features you should look for in this software include:

  • Ability to add an unlimited number of customized audio and video effects per track
  • Ability to render videos at multiple resolutions between 8x8 and 16000x16000
  • Automated control of key frames
  • Complete integration of video and audio (e.g looping and cross-fading)
  • Full control over timeline, including fast and slow playing and grouping of audio and video tracks into relevant sub-groups
  • Addition of at least 16 audio channels per track
  • Sox audio processing
  • Ability to allow any time-related functional operations on the basis of number of parts, bars or beats

The above specified features are the minimum requirements that you should use to evaluate and decide upon a software for your needs.