ZoomBrowser: How to Use Functions

ZoomBrowser EX from Cannon is an application that enables you to download, organize and edit your images and also enhance your camera's features by combining with its interface. Here is a list of how to use its various functions.

RAW Image Processing

Click on Edit and select Digital Photo Professional and Process RAW Images. Here, you can convert your RAW images into TIFF images of 16 bit or to JPEG. In the window that opens, you have controls for adjusting the brightness, color and white balance and also get a quick preview of your editing process.

Panoramic Composition

For creating panoramic images, click on Edit and select Stitch Photos. You can also get access to the function of Stitch Assist on your Cannon Camera, which will enable you to join together images to form a composite panoramic view.

Taking Shots from Your PC

You can control your camera settings and the shutter release from your PC by clicking on Remote Shooting. The shots taken in this manner are stored directly on the PC and can be viewed on the screen immediately. This function is especially useful in macro photography.

Controlling Camera Settings from Your PC

Click on Connect to Camera, and this will give you access to the CameraWindow menu screen. In the CameraWindow screen, click on Camera Settings and select Set Sounds to set the sound effects in your camera for start-up, self-timer and shutter operations. Selecting Set Theme will give options for setting the start-up screen.

Transferring Images between Camera and Your PC

Apart from downloading images from the camera to the PC, ZoomBrowser also enables you to upload images back into the camera's memory card. For this, click on Acquire & Camera Settings and select Transfer Images to Memory Card.