ZoomAndGo: An Overview

ZoomAndGo is a website you can visit in order to view important and significant places around the globe. You can find a list of popular destinations and simply click on wherever you want to go. Then, you can view the different images of those places. With one click of your mouse, you can be at the Great Wall of China and in a few seconds, you’ll be at the Eiffel Tower in France.

Find Places

If you have a particular place or venue in mind, simply type it in the search bar of the website and see if it is included in the extensive database of ZoomAndGo. The site will then shows a list containing the keywords that you typed and the relevant places and images that may interest you. It’s that easy!

Share Your Experiences

When you travel around the world and take beautiful pictures and videos of beautiful places, be sure to share them with other people by uploading your images to the website (to further add to the extensive database of pictures and videos available for viewing).


When you register with ZoomAndGo, you are already considered a zoomer, like thousands of other people. You can meet and interact with these people within the community to have a more comprehensive experience of the world.


During your actual trips to different places, you can also send real postcards to friends around the world. You get to pick from lots of professionally made designs and have them printed via ZoomAndGo and sent to your loved ones in the U.S. or Canada.